Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Simple Baked Eggs from the Minimalist Baker

I have decided that being in school uses the academic side of my brain, and the creative side desperately needs an outlet. One of my favorite ways to express it? Through healthy cookin' :) It has been nice to have some time to be creative and try some new recipes in the transition back into class-mode. And the best part is that the ending is usually rewarding!

What do you do with your passions? Are there more than one? Do you get the chance to express all of them in your career field? Any of them?

I am having the greatest time seeing what some of my favorite bloggers have been coming up with, and the combinations of food they use. I want to start trying and recognizing more of the foods that go well together, compliment each other, etc.

Another thing that strikes me: what a fun way to recognize God's creation. Looking at all the brilliant colors of the food, and the way they combine to give us fuel, complete proteins, energy. How many food bloggers do you know? CLEARLY there is something that we are drawn to in the creativity and beauty of food.

Not to mention it's a complete feast of the senses. Touch, taste, smell, sight, and sound. Kneading a mound of bread dough between your loving fingers, taking that first bite of steaming apple pancakes, walking in and smelling that chili you've had in the crockpot all day, trying to capture the rainbow of vegetables stir fried on your plate, hearing the pop and sizzle of fresh cut onions as they hit the hot pan. Mental illustrations.

But, down to business: this recipe. A savory breakfast was calling my name this morning. It was a quick and easy way to start my morning, in spite of being a bit rushed (due to my cold floor glaring menacingly at me burrowed under my comforter.)

This breakfast bowl was steaming hot, delicious, and made waking up early quite a pleasure after all. I followed the Minimalist Baker's recipe, and cut it in half since it was just for me. The only exception was instead of using one whole egg I used two egg whites.

The crispy Life Changing Loaf made an exceptional toast-vessel for this recipe, and I highly recommend them together. A hearty bread with this tomato-saucy recipe? Muah! I used some fresh sage, thyme and parsley for garnish on the top. The combination of those flavors works well here (and almost everywhere?). I also added black pepper to the sauce and only a pinch of salt. I'm admittedly a Proclaimed Pepper Person, and trying to grow my spicy tolerance.

Here's the recipe: http://minimalistbaker.com/simple-baked-eggs/

Enjoy this chilly winter, wherever you may be!


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