Saturday, April 19, 2014

Intro & Trail Mix Cookies

I'm Misha, and welcome to my kitchen tales! God has given me a very strong like for cooking lately, and subsequently a desire to write about it. I can't wait to explore and record trials, errors, and explosions of flavor. :)

I thought I'd lay out my thought process for doing this blog. I want this to be a joyful thing- that helps me, and hopefully others, come alive, de-stress, create, and enjoy. Most of all, I hope this is something that brings people together. One of the best ways to get community together is around food! No surprises. :) I love being healthy, and creating things that are good for our bodies- which is one of my objectives in writing Dough Re Misha. I am trying to create and re-create recipes that are out there on other blogs, Pinterest, recipes of friends, and maybe even some originals! 

These most recent yummy Trail Mix Cookies were delicious! So, if you're like me, then you may love the dough even more than you love the cookie... And this dough is GREAT. This recipe actually is vegan and gluten free, and doesn't even need to be refrigerated. I got it from a great blog:
I added 2x the cinnamon and maybe a little more almond butter than the recipe calls for when I made them. I am a sucker for both. I have recently discovered almond butter from EarthFare is a splurge I am totally O.K. with. 
One other thing that I need to get better at: food photography. :) I know there is an art... bare with me! Hopefully I can inch my way there over time. For now, iphone photos are the pick of the litter.

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  1. Oh man!!!! This is awesome! Can't wait to read and try these.